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  • National Savings Rate Avg.*: 0.47%
  • See 10x & higher rates from our partners

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Savings Accounts

What is a Online Savings Account?

An online savings account is a type of bank account that offers a higher Annual Percentage Yield (APY) than a checking account.

A checking account is used for money that needs to be moved quickly such as to pay bills or use for ever day spending.

Whereas a savings account is a better option for money that doesn’t need to be used right away, for example your emergency fund.

How to Find The Best Online Savings Account?

Arguably the best way to find the best savings accounts is right here on Although we don’t showcase every single savings account available, we stand by our recommendations as the highest tier of the best accounts in America.

Why are Online Savings Accounts Better Than Traditional Ones?

Traditional banks offer low rates on savings accounts. This is because they’re managing insanely large amounts of money and need to manage their risk profile. The less “guaranteed returns” they provide, the less risky their overall portfolio becomes. As a result, traditional banks only offer about .01-.10% interest on their savings accounts. A high yield account offers up to 4.40% interest on your savings. Which is nearly 10x the national average. Now you know why so many people are switching to a high yield savings account.

Is My Money Safe?

Yes! Savings accounts listed on this page are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures Bank and thrift deposits up to $250,000.

How Do I Open a Online Savings Account?

Easy. Simply click on the “view details” button above of your selected finanicial instution. Once you arrive at our partners site, you’ll be able to open your new savings account safely and securely.

*National Savings Rate Average as published by FDIC