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Welcome to CompareAccounts™

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Your Financial Well-Being Comes First.

We believe everyone should have free access to the right information to make smart financial decisions. Although our site doesn’t showcase every financial institution and its products available we're confident in our recommendations to help guide you on your financial journey. Free of charge for you.

Instead of charging you money, we're compensated by our partners and third-party advertisers. This compensation, along with our proprietary algorithms, may, at times, influence the products we decide to review, discuss, and their position on our site or the order in which they appear. Trust that these actions are taken to benefit you the consumer ultimately make the right decision for you.

Why We Exist

We started CompareAccounts™ after finding joy in being the “go-to” source for our family and friends’ investing questions.

Our aim is to help as many people make more informed financial decisions as possible.

How We Started
Helping Friends Invest


If we wouldn’t recommend an account to our family or friends we won’t recommend it to you. Period.

We stand by our recommendations and either still use many of them today or have used them in the past.


Your data is protected by TLS security and 256-bit encryption.

Like the banks and accounts we recommend, when it comes to financial products and advice, we believe in the highest levels of security to keep your data safe.


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